Founded in June 2020 amid civil unrest following the death of George Floyd at the hand of a police officer; and sparked by the emotional trauma caused by reopening the wounds of countless other similar situations, our founders began wondering...

  • Why does this keep happening?

  • What can we do to help?

  • How do we help establish long-lasting change?

Through the process of iterative research we realized, that there was a lack of centralized resources available to support education and economics black and under-served communities. We all want to know how society got to where it is, why we should bother to care, and if there’s any hope for a change. Not just on a large-scale, I’m talking on a day-to-day basis!


We wanted to create a space where small and black-owned businesses could thrive, cultural art can be celebrated, and our community could receive the support it deserves. Street Smart Collaborative Inc. was designed to provide tangible hope through resources that empower our community to thrive.

We share stories and provide resources that serve to unite and uplift targeted communities. We do not claim to have all the answers. We are simply providing a platform that sheds light on community building initiatives with social and/or economic impact.

Our Mission:

Community-building  through creative campaigns that nurture, heal, educate, and inspire.

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