I really wish you could smell this through your screen, its the 21st century and we still dont have scratch and sniff technology? Anyway, believe us when we say The OG Whipped Body Butter smells like perfection bottled up raised to the sky then spun back to your pocket. The perfect addition for your purse, your after shower routine, tote bag, work station etc. 


Hand whipped body butter, made with Shea, Jojoba, and Kokum butters. Paired perfectly with Vitamin E, Avocado and Grape Seed Oils melt right into your skin leaving behind a smooth surface and radiant shine. Ultra healing for eczema, psoriasis, and acne prone skin.


High Maintenance - bergamot meets vanilla with a hint of coffee bean (best seller / great scent for men and women) 

The Beauty and Body Co. OG Whipped Body Butter (2oz)

    • Store in a cool dry enviroment 
    • Keep out of eyes and mouth